Monday, March 16, 2009

"Soul Search"

Went to Sedona, Arizona last month on a
so-called "soul search" road trip.
Woke up early to see the sunrise from Airport Mesa.
Got lost. Asked a kind old man for directions.
He recommended us to visit the Palatki Ruins.
Drove through miles of road-less desert.
Totally worth the trip.

Blue sky.

Blue and Red contrast.

View from inside the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Chapel built between the rocks.
On a side note,
the only McDonald's in Sedona had a turquoise arch.
Looked it up to find, its the only one in the world.


milkrobot said...

I don't know if we found our souls, but at least we found the only turquoise McDonald's arch!

Jeannie said...

I'm going to Sedona end of this month :) Your tips are useful and I'll probably want to go see the turquoise arch!